The Journey Begins

After days, weeks, months and possibly years; we’re finally on our way.

First stop Hull, City of Culture. An award that means you’re not as shit as you used to be. Like the most improved player award, which sadly I once received.

That might be a little harsh on Hull, they did go to the trouble of painting all their telephone boxes white and appointing Ronnie Pickering as Ambassador of Culture.

I say first stop, we didn’t actually stop there; we just boarded the overnight ferry there. At 5pm, 90 minutes before departure, a lady from P&O phoned to tell us we were not on the ferry. Which we already knew as we were still on Sir Clive Sullivan way, she kindly offered to hold the ship!

Even with our ‘late’ arrival, we were still the first to the international all you can eat buffet. We certainly ate all we could; mash potato, fish fingers, chips, sausage, chicken tikka masala and yorkshire puddings.

We tried to walk off the buffet by visiting the show bar, which was not yet in full swing but promised a boy/girl duo; duty free shopping and the arcade, which was full of truckers playing driving games!?

Unfortunately we forgot to pack our tuxedo and black dress for the casino, but it seems our luck was in as the punters were all dressed in joggers and crocs, truckers again. However, the only games on offer were go fish and cheat and we had our own craps to play after the buffet.

We visited Stanley on the dog deck and retired to our windowless cabin for the evening. Under the influence of the pumped air we remininced that it was the same ferry crossing, just over 8 years ago in which we hatched our campervan life plans.

Sleep. Next stop Ghent.

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