We made the decision to visit Waterloo, or the battlefield of and deferred our decision to visit Brussels until later in the day. We called to Lidl on the way to pick up a few groceries and discovered they don’t sell fresh milk just longlife, pourquoi?

The main feature of the War Memorial is the Butte du Lion, a 40 metre tall mound topped with a brass Lion; erected where the Prince of Orange was wounded. Offering views across the battlefield and beyond, we were quite excited as it was another beautiful day. However, the €17 price tag soon dampened our excitement. The cost did also cover other exhibitions and the Napolean and Wellington Museums, but not for us.

Instead, we walked to the nearby farm which played an important part in the battle. It is now also a museum and seems to be the preferred location for a secret rendezvous. Heaven knows what it’s like in the evening!

We decided we would visit Brussels, primarily to tick off a capital city. Besides the Atom I couldn’t think of anything of interest to see there.

The comments on Park4Night (the app we used for the stopover) advised we should arrive a little later in the evening. We waited until 6pm before making our way there but still hit traffic on the ring road, which seems to be their equivalent of the M25.

It’s quite an impressive and surreal car park to spend the night, located in Parc du Cinquantenaire; approx. 4 km from the centre. The park was busy with people making the most of the heatwave until way after 11pm, but thankfully the noise died down and we were able to sleep soundly.

The next day we walked to the centre, using the 3 ‘Pis’ statues as points of interest to navigate around the old town. As expected, the statues are only mildly interesting. Jeanneke-Pis, is located in the back streets amongst the bars and resturants, which had the aroma of recently been washed down, presumably from last nights crowd emulating the statues.

Mannekin-Pis, the boy and most popular of the trio can be found where the crowds are and amongst the shops selling replicas.

The 3rd and predictably least popular (we were the only ones viewing it) is the dog, Zinneke.

Before heading back to the van we stopped at the Cathedral to cool off in the shade. Stanley attracted the attention of a tourist from larger group, who slyly took a few photos on her phone. This is nothing new to us, it’s almost a daily occurance. Another member of the group also wanted a photo of the funny dog, which then prompted a third to join in.

The third lady, the confident one of the group politey asked for a photo of all of us! We obliged and put on our best smiles while she took several photos in various hats and sunglasses!

After our 5 minutes of fame we headed back to the van. A walk which pushed Stanley to his limits. If this heat continues, we’ll need to review how far we walk.

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