After Brussels and Stanley suffering with the heat, we thought it best to rest for a few days. We found a free camperplaats which allowed 72 hours stay and offered water and toilet emptying facilities.

The site was just outside Antwerp beside a park and most importantly, under the shade of trees.

Being Friday we opened another box of wine to wash down our veggie tortilla wraps. I also had the pleasure of emptying the chemical toilet for the first time!

With an intentionally late start to Saturday we got the bikes out to explore the local area. The park was exceptional, well maintained gardens, childrens play areas, fenced dog zones, an animal park and even a castle.

We cycled through woodland paths to Fort van Merksem, a star shaped moated fortress besides McDonald’s. Half expecting a museum or at least some interesting historical references, we cycled over the bridge and in through the gates. Instead we found a a game of Saturday league football and a series of community centres for Scouts and the like.

By now we were feeling a little saddle sore, so we headed back to the van, only to stop for a few 49 cents lagers from Aldi.

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