Unfortunately the Netherlands only gets one post in our blog. Although we spent 4 nights in various places, the most we saw was from the driving seats of the van.

First stop was just outside Eindhoven to ride on the Van Gogh cycle path. Inspired by the Starry Night painting, the path features glow in the dark pebbles and connects 2 watermills. It’s a romatic scene but can only be seen live (as late/dark as possible) as no photos capture the art.

On our way there we had a comfort break at Baarle-Nassau-Hertog. Baarle-Hertog being a small town made up of small enclaves within the Netherlands. By chance we parked the van directly on the border.

The next day we drove towards Haarlem to see the tulip fields. We drove the Flower Route, one of the 50 Drives of a Lifetime by National Geographic; but got the feeling the visible fields were just a teaser. The main attractions were behind the gates of the Keukenhof.

Feeling rather underwhelmed we carried on driving up through Holland towards the Friesland region. Stopping at a farm by the city of Workum, which is more of a town but has city rights; along with 10 others in the region. We had food and walked into town (city). It’s an attractive city and it’s unfortunate we arrived late in the evening.

Wanting to move on, but not too far too soon; the point of our trip is to relax and not rush, we had one more night in the Netherlands. Zuidbroek, a village just outside Groningen provided us with a free stopover, a canalside walk and free WiFi at the library!

We duely took advantage and downloaded a few playlists on Spotify and shows on Netflix.

Perhaps we’ll visit more places in the Netherlands on our return. We’ve already been to Amsterdam, so know what that’s all about. Apparantley the (modern) architecture in Rotterdam is worth seeing?

Next, Germany.

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