Ah Germany. The land of fine pilsner brewed to the strict German purity law (Reinheitsgebot) to assist washing down the processed pork accompaniment, yet not one pig has been seen on our many trips through Germany?

We have an affinity towards Germany, perhaps it’s the always friendly people, the varied landscape, the dog friendliness or just the ease of which things work. Cliche I know, but things do seem efficient!

Prior to this trip we’ve had 4 holidays in Germany. Approximately 3 weeks in Colin (our old 1973 VW T2 Westfalia), starting in Koln (Cologne), working our way up to Berlin and then slaloming our way down the country; taking in Dresden, Heidelberg, Bamburg, Munich and Freiburg.

We’ve toured the wine region along the Mosel and Rhine rivers, the north east coast and also the Baltic coast, where we experienced East German Freikorperkultur (naturism)!

But for this leg of this trip, we’re merely passing through and taking advantage of cheap grocery, alcohol and fuel prices.

Our first stop was Rastede, just north of Oldenburg. A lovely little town with a beautiful Schlossgarten to walk around.

Next up was Sittensen just off the A1 Autobahn before Hamburg. A picturesque village which is popular with campervans, well more motorhomes really, making their way towards Scandinavia or back.

We were the first to arrive at the car park, being unsure of where to park I left Hannah and Stanley in the van and visited the tourist office. Greated by a 90 year old man (he was 90, he told me) who proceeded to show me around the museum housed in the old watermill. It was slightly interesting and I did get a few free sweets from the ‘olde worlde’ sweet shop exhibition. He confirmed it was ok to park in the car park.

By the time I returned to the van, 2 more motorhomes had arrived and settled into space. Assuming they knew the designated area, we reversed into the only viable space; right between them.

We had dinner whilst more great white sharks arrived, parking traversely opposite us. We had a short stroll around the town and park (where Hannah met Ronald Reagan?) before retiring for the evening. Returning to the van we noticed one of the dutch motorhomes besides us had moved in line with the new arrivals! They were clearly put out by a younger couple in a black van and felt more comfortable with their own!

The next day was blighted by traffic, albeit a Sunday. Roadworks before and after Hamburg added approximately 1 hour to our journey. After a few misses for a stopover, we settled for a car park just outside Rendsburg on the Kiel Canal which connects the North and Baltic Seas.

We planned to visited a few more places in this area of Germany; Flensburg and Kiel specifically, but decided we would drive right through to Denmark. Filling up on fuel and groceries beforehand of course.

We will return to Germany. At Oktoberfest in Munich. Prost!

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