Fjords, Sand dunes and Bunkers

After a very windy and sleepless night under Mennesket ved havet (Men by the sea), just outside Esbjerg; we headed north hugging the east coast.

My research before the trip gave me Vejers Strand, a beach in which you can drive straight on. We did just so; a complete first for the pair of us and hoped we could spend the night there, but unfortunately a sign on the beach advised it is forbidden.

We played on the beach and investigated an old WW2 bunker, left over from the German Atlantic Wall. We could see more sitting crooked down either side of the beach. After checking out the local area we decided to move on, it was a little windy and the village didn’t have anything to offer.

Driving up a thin piece of land with the north sea to our left and Ringkobing Fjord to our right, we enjoyed the break from the wind and views of all the sand dunes. We found our overnight spot, right on the fjord with dining huts and showers, it was a popular spot for Kitesurfers in their VW’s.

Encouraged by our cheap German wine and pilsner, we felt nostalgic about Colin and our previous California and how we are no longer part of the VW club, but also felt we found a location which we expected and/or wanted on this trip.

The next day we walked the advised 9km round trip, which goes over the fjord and into Sondervig town. Having a halfway rest at Meny and taking advantage of free Hunde water and WiFi, we walked to the beach; more bunkers.

We mooched around the town and discussed their strange use of Butlins-esque buildings. Now feeling hungry we walked the few kilometers back along the fjord.

A quick snack later we headed to Ringkobing to use the services at the marina. With full fresh water and empty grey water tanks, we set off north to our next stopover.

After a few Park4Night misses, we ended up by Oddesundbroen, an iron lattice bridge connecting North Jutland with the mainland. Parking by another bunker, we watched hares forrage for food until dusk.

Since we were full of water, the next day we both had showers and took advantage of the sun and still air. I trimmed my beard and re-arranged the ‘garage’ area of the van. Hannah did whatever women do and Stanley watched the hares.

Feeling clean, refreshed and organised we set off towards the coast again.

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