Times Like These

To allow us something to listen to when parked up, we avoided using our Spotify playlists whilst driving. Instead I scanned the local digital radio stations and found Dave Grohl FM, official name myROCK. 1 in 5 songs was either a Nirvana or Foo Fighters track, no complaint; who dislikes the nicest man in rock?

To the sound of Lithium we arrived in Agger, a small village with the North Sea 100m to the west, Flade So fjord to the north and Krik Vig fjord to the south, I wonder if it floods?

We parked in a car park with a toilet, which is now becoming the norm here in Denmark, and they’re all spotlessly clean.

Stanley sensed a beach near by and pulled us towards, but the wind from the sea was a little too strong to enjoy. Instead we walked behind the dunes and between the fjord. An uneventful walk but we did find a small car park right on the beach, old bunker included… again!

We enjoyed a sunset on the dunes and woke on my birthday. After opening my lovely presents, sending the usual ‘thank you’ messages; we set-off with Smells Like Teen Spirit on the radio!

Driving through Thy Nationalpark, only to stop at a couple of Hundeskov (dog forests); we arrived at Bulbjerg. A clifftop bunker which is now popular with migratory birds, and of course the inevitable twitcher.

Below the cliff and behind the dunes we found a spot for the night (which turned into 2 nights). To celebrate my birthday, I enjoyed 2 cans of Jever we picked up in Germany.

The next day we took advantage of the breeze and sun to wash our pants, hanging them around the van looking like the Beverley Hillbillies, took a long walk on the beach and played a little frisbee.

With Monkey Wrench on the radio we drove to the supermarkets. Parking between Aldi and Netto we compared the two for prices. Noting they clearly price match most items, we opted for Netto and spent the next hour analyising every item before making a purchase. 531.25 Krona (£65) later we realised we forgot water! So we had to make another purchase and take another 50p charge from our bank.

Upon packing the shopping we realised Stanley forgot to pack his bowls at the last site! Listening to Long Road to Ruin we drove back to collect them.

Thankfully, they were still there.

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