Sun, Sea and Sand

With a daily average budget tracking at £14.14 (which is still under budget) and all required possesions, we finally set-off to our next destination; Lokken. One of the most popular beach resorts on the west coast, and also another beach you can drive on to.

We arrived for late lunch; mackerel sandwiches, a complete first for me – jury’s still out. Camping on the beach was forbidden, but feeling confident you can stay overnight almost anywhere, unless overwise stated, we found a picnic area less than a mile away.

The weather forecast looked good for the next day so we decided it would be a beach day. We went to bed early to make the day come faster, like kids at Christmas!

Being the first to arrive at the beach presents a problem; where do you park when you have a mile of beach?

We picked a spot annoyingly just over walking distance to the toilets, but luckily we have on board facilities if the mackerel wanted out!

The weather forecast was correct and we enjoyed playing frisbee and ball with Stanley, when he braved the sunshine for 2 minute stints. The rest of the time he took shade under the van, which allowed us to sunbath and watch the beach huts been delivered. In peak season there will be 500 all white (bar the odd rogue egg shell or hint of grey) huts lined along the beach.

Towards the evening we strolled along the beach, passing mobile saunas and jacuzzi and into town. It became evident it really isn’t full season; just as well as our budget doesn’t stretch to beers in a bar.

Back at the van we had our curry which was still cooking away in Mr D’s Thermal Cookpot. Yes, a curry in 26 but we had ingredients to use and we cannot afford to waste.

We stayed for sunset, along with more people that turned up. Including a German coach party with beers and their own accordion player.

Enjoying the day so much we repeated the same the next day. Washed a few more clothes and set the Hillbilly rig up again.

However, two days of being a beach bum is enough for me, so in the evening we moved on in search of somewhere different.

Finding a clifftop car park next to where Marup Church from the 12th century once stood (it’s now in the sea and all that remains is the graveyard), we walked along the cliff and between the bungelows, which must be holiday homes as the ones with any sign of life, were (for lack of a better word) occupied by Germans.

Reaching Lonstrop, an old fishing village now relying on tourism, we found what we wanted; free wifi at the tourist office. One of us sat with the phone and tablet downloading programmes, while the others mooched around the village, we swapped at half-time then walked back to the van when all was downloaded.

The next day we woke to birds singing and slamming car doors. We looked outside and the car park was full, which was scary considering the local guide says it’s only a matter of time before the graveyard suffers the same fate as the church.

That morning we walked south along the tops to Rubjerg Knude, at 60m high it is the highest point on the west coast of Vendsyssel, but on top of that is a shifting sand dune of up to 30m and an old lighthouse, which due to erosion had to be abandoned in 1968. Within 10 years it is expected to crash into the sea.

In the afternoon we drove to a McDonald’s for more free wifi, much faster than the tourist office we managed to back-up all our photos and download a few more nights of Netflix. When you haven’t eaten meat or chips in 3 weeks, it’s a real test of will!

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