Campervan Envy

With a tablet full of OJ (vs. the People) we headed to Hirtshals, a seaport in north Jutland. We parked up, walked along the coast and into the small town; noting the number of people in motorhomes waiting for a ferry to Norway.

Not liking the location enough to stay, we moved further north along the coast to a car park I found on the app.

Turning left at Uggerby (a very Yorkshire sounding name), we drove through the forest or ‘Klitplantage’ which eventually opened out to the beach. Pulling into a small gravel car park, already occupied by a great white, a small french car and to our surprise and excitement; an orange Landrover Defender that was clearly converted to a camper.

As always, Stanley created to see his surroundings so we had to oblige. We spoke with the young French guy who confirmed he stayed overnight in the carpark (inside his Berlingo or whatever and with his very friendly Alaskan Malamute).

We briefly walked on the beach but the wind was picking up and rain looked imminent, as per the forecast. Plus I wanted to inspect the Land Rover, so we headed back.

Suspecting the Land Rover was an old ambulance and possibly British plates, I approched the vehicle whose owners were still sat outside. The 2 cases of Old Speckled Hen confirmed they were English; I was good to go.

We spoke to Les and Jane, along with Logan the Collie about past and future travels. They even kindly gave us a tour of ‘Dream Catcher’, which they coverted themselves with a very genious use of space. We were left feeling very envious, especially with our ‘off the shelf’ van.

The rain eventually came, so we all moved to our vans for the evening, we changed to a spot back in the forest as the beach car park said no camping and had a now regular meal of vegetable wraps.

During breakfast the next day, we saw Les and Jane drive by to catch their ferry to Norway. We decided to have a functional/lazy day. Moving back to the beach car park where there was a toilet and water tap, we cleaned the van and ourselves, had a stroll on the beach and caught up with the blog.

Just before noon, a car pulled into the car park, narrowly missing Stanley. An older lady and gentleman with ill fitting clothes exited the car, both with bottles of Carlsberg. I presumed empty to put in the recycle bin, but no. They clearly drove down to the beach for a drink with a view. He made a fuss over Stanley, told me I was British and showed me his Honda was made in England, while throwing the empties on the back seat. Danish Hygge again I suppose?

We stayed in the same spot for the evening, which included wine since it was Friday. Had breakfast on the beach the next day and enjoyed a bike ride through the forest before moving to the northern tip of Denmark, Skagen.

Unfortunately, no photos. But we did make this video:

4 thoughts on “Campervan Envy

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  2. Les and Jane

    Hi, you three, a bit late but we’re driving back south in the rain from Nordcapp, having completed 3000 miles in Dream Catcher and walking by the polar night to Knivskjelloden, the true northern point. We’re reading your blog as we go. It was cold up north, 1 degree, with a windchill of -4. Wrap up warm! We’re heading to Tromso today. Les says to tell you that the ex MOD place we talked about is Withams. Stay safe!


    1. Wow, that is cold. We have barely dropped below 20 the entire trip and recently had 30+. We’ve just left Stockholm to head towards Oslo. Did you say you were coming through Sweden?


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