Home sick?

We reached Skagen or more precisely Grenen, the most northern point of Denmark and where the north and baltic seas meet, late in the afternoon.

We parked 30 minutes walk away (according to google) and set off in hope of a spectacular collision of waves. Walking along the beach of the east coast amongst yet more bunkers, after 40 minutes we finally reached the Skagen Bunker Museum, which advised it was another 30 minutes walk to the tip of the land; great!

Hot and tired, we ploughed on; we can’t turn back now, it’s a must see.

Walking with and through the crowds, but not seeing any friendly seals as the signs promised, we finally made it. And yes, the 2 seas do collide. Not at the magnificant force we were expecting, but you can see the collision all the same.

Now hungry, as well as hot and tired. We walked back to the van along the road, not the beach.

Finding a picnic area just by the north sea beach, we had dinner and wine; it’s Saturday!

On Sunday we woke to tyres crunching the gravel and slamming car doors. Sensing it was busy I edged the blind down to take a peek, rather than opening the door in only my underpants!

Turns out we parked in the middle of Skagen Flug Festival. We were surrounded by 100 Bill Oddies dotted about the sand dunes. Oh Goodie.

During breakfast the twitchers slowly left. We had word from family that they stayed at our flat and enjoyed a nice evening at our favourite restuarant. Thinking of pierogi starters and beef cheek main washed down with cold Polish beer or whatever else they may have eaten while we just had spagetti with pesto, we sullenly walked along the beach before heading into Skagen.

We parked at a sports centre in Skagen and made the short walk towards the harbour. Finding the tourist office, we backed up photos and dowloaded a few more spotify playlists with the free wifi.

It was a hot day and Stanley always pulls towards the shade, but the only shaded areas were bars and restuarants, serving ice cold beers and tasty looking burgers. Ugh!

With that sad Sunday feeling (almost like our trip had come to an end and we had work the next day!), we left Skagen and moved down the east coast in search of a spot to park for the night.

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