People Watching

Leaving Skagen we found Jarup Strand down a single lane dirt track, a picnic area complete with overnight camping huts, firepits, toilets and an outdoor shower. Our overnight locations seem to be getting better everytime.

Feeling the affects of the sun, we set Stanley outside and had a rest before exploring the area. A power snooze later we put a mushroom rissotto in Mr D’s Thermal Cookpot and walked an excited dog on the beach, he really does love the beach, possibly because he gets some off lead action. But does he go for a swim? – no way, a paddle at best to cool his paws!

The tide started to come in so we headed back to the van for the evening. The mushroom rissotto was delicious (I dont even like mushrooms), after a glass or two of wine and a few episodes of Victoria Wood it was time for bed.

For reasons unknown, we both woke up at about 4am. Since we were awake and facing east for the first time in Denmark, we decided to watch the sunrise. I think it was a first for Hannah and possibly my second (the first been by accident while having a late night ruby at a curry house in Bradford – but I can’t be too sure?).

Now Monday it was time for another big shop, but also time to refuel the van. Double whammy for our daily budget tracker!

First was diesel, 84 litres for £96.20, so £1.15 per litre – cheaper than home.

And then the big shop at Netto again; £65.70. Taking our daily average to £16.39 on day 28. Which is still in the ‘safe’ zone. If you’re interested in the price of groceries in Denmark, watch this video:

Good for fuel for two weeks and groceries for one, we set off in search of another beach. Park4Night suggested Lyngsa Strand, promising ample parking, toilets and showers. It delivered on all.

With all required amenities, we stayed for 3 nights. Enjoying 2 full days of sun bathing, playing ball (not as much as Stanley wanted) and collecting shells (not sure what for yet?). I even started and finished ‘Less Than Zero’ by Bret Easton Ellis.

The majority of the time we had the area to ourselves. On the second evening, 3 French Hymers arrived together. As the men lined the Hymers, the ladies inspected the beach, walking in the same order as their mobilehomes; all dressed in similar three-quarter trousers and sandals.

As they gathered in one motorhome, we spectulated their ‘lifestyle’ but was disappointed when at 9pm sharp, 2 couples returned to their own and all 3 satellite dishes rose up pointed north-east.

While we had breakfast the next morning, les trois messieurs each cleaned their Hymer, all in unison, each working the same body panels together. I noted one of them had to use the bucket left by the shower block, “ah, he’ll lose marks for forgetting his own”.

All cleaned, they all left. We were alone again. Until the retired ladies arrive for a days sunbathing and the evening dog walkers. Well, most walked their dog. One particular chap, ‘Mr Fiat Panda’ parked as close to the beach as possible, remained in his car and played on his phone, while poor Fido sat in his cage smelling the sea breeze!

To counter balance this beach life we needed a City…

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