Courtesy of Park4Night we found free parking at the Skudehavnen Yatch Harbour, just 30 minutes walk from the centre.

We walked along the Limfjord waterfront, which is currently going through the usual revitalisation; street food market, antique shops in warehouse units, (shipping) container city etc. The word Hipster springs to mind.

Stanley was already feeling the heat but found some sanctuary in the park, where he met Nugget another Cardigan Corgi. We don’t see many Corgis back home, but tend to find them abroad. This is the third on this trip, after meeting two on Lokken beach.

Following the shade through the new waterside apartment blocks, we eventually found the gateway to the centre; the John Bull Pub. I expect English themed pubs in Benidorm, but not Denmark!

Walking up Osteragade towards McDonald’s (wifi again!), we passed an establishment as common as McDonald’s; an Irish bar, not O’Reilly’s, O’Neills or Molly’s, simply The Irish House.

After almost two weeks without beer (the last been on my birthday) and 25c, I think the day is going to be difficult!

Loaded up with more Netflix, we walked through the city centre. Browsed the windows of the high street stores and admired the countless old cobbled streets.

One kind store was giving out free samples of wine and beer. We both pounced on the young clerk and would savour the thimble we received.

Strolling through a few more streets, past more Irish bars and visiting the cathedral, we decided to head back.

As the temperature soared, the waterfront became crowded with people just finishing work.

Wondering where the fad started, we stopped at the street food market for a toilet break. I also enjoyed a free sample of peppered salami; first piece of meat in a month!

Passing a cool looking Mercedes converted camper, with motorbike and cycles racked on the rear hanging precariously over the fjord, we made it to the van to search for a spot for the night.

We found a picnic area close to the fjord, shared by a couple of cyclists using the camping huts and ended the night with our now standard vegetable tortillas. Yum.

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