A short walk…

As per the forecast, the day started cool with a chance of rain, therefore we felt a walk in the country would be nice. We’d had a few days at the beach, an afternoon in the city, so why not change it up again?

Visit Denmark recommended Rebild for a good circular walk under 5km, just the way we like them.

We drove the short distance to a different soundtrack, myROCK was now grating on Hannah so she took control and put a Spotify playlist on.

During the drive we came across something we hadn’t seen for a while; a hill. In fact there were a few hills, on several occasions the van had to tell me to shift down.

After parking in the ample sized car park and the van recovered from the hills, I visited the info centre for a map/guide. The nice lady suggested the white route, just 3.9km but it takes a little longer due to the “ups and downs”, I told her we’ve been getting on fine lately, thank you very much!

We set off through the field, into the forest, down the bank and over the stream with all the midges. By now the chance of rain looked to be passing and the temperature was rising. Off came the down jackets.

Following the well marked white arrows up over the moor, and back down again towards a nice looking cottage.

Picking up the dirt track, strangely towards where we’d just been, but no; sharp left. Over the stream using more stepping stones, past the horses and hurriedly past the inquisitive cows (we’ve had bad experiences with cows).

Carefully crossing the road (just like the lady said), and back into the forest.

Hairpin bend. Scratch of head and consult the map. Refreshment break. “This must be the section she warned me about?”.

“Lets try this way”

“Oh a white arrow, this must be right”

“How long is this walk?”


“How many miles is that?”

“Erm, just a couple”

“Are we nearly there yet?”

“Should be just over this hill”

“Are you sure we should be walking through fields with lambs?”

“We’re following the arrows!”

“Did you bring the suncream?”

“Ok, I’m going my own way. I don’t trust the arrows.”

“Are you sure that’s wise?”


“Do you think we’re going the right way?”

“Oh look, the van”

“How many miles does Apple Health say?”

“I’ll tell you later”

That evening, after a little off-roading down a single track, we found a nice spot next to more mobile saunas besides a fjord.

Made pitta pizzas in the Ridge Monkey and enjoyed some wine (one glass per kilometer we walked that day).

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