After the ‘short walk’ it was time for another city, Aarhus; Denmarks second-largest city and European Capital of Culture in 2017.

We drove the 70km to me singing ‘Our House’ by Madness. Which drove Hannah, well mad! It’s a little habit of mine. I see something like a road sign or business name, and if it reminds me of a song, I sing it and occasionally do the air drums and guitar too!

For example, on the same drive we saw a place called ‘True’. So for a brief moment I sang the Spandau Ballet song, but soon got back to Suggs & Co.

Parking near Den Permanente, a popular beach on the outskirts of Aarhus. We cycled beside the rail track and into town through the Latin Quarter, tethering the bikes outside the theatre and Gothic Cathedral.

Taking turns to enter the Cathedral, because it’s free to do so! A member of staff then told us Stanley was also allowed in. He would’ve apprecieted the cold floor, but I’m not sure if we would risk him barking at Jesus!

We walked up the high street and crossed the canal, lined with packed eateries. Doubling back on ourselves, we headed towards the waterfront.

Stanley was keen to drink at the water feature where all the children were playing, but didn’t understand the intermittent upward jets of water which could trap you in the middle, or worse; soak you through if you stood over them at the wrong time. Guess what happened to Stanley?

A short rest in the shade at Dokk1, a well stocked modern library which is more of a destination, with plenty of activities for children and adults.

We visited the Art Museum, a rather dross building but does have an interesting rainbow walkway on the top. Presumably added as part of the Capital of Culture bid?

Heading back down into town and through the inviting Latin Quarter, we called it a day in Aarhus.

We planned to spend the night by a local beach, but due to a marathon the next day (we don’t want a repeat of Antwerp), we felt it best to move a little further. Besides, the local beaches forbid camping.

Moving on down the coast we found Mariendal Strand, with just a few other campervans we were good for the night.

We had dinner to the sound of the Cuckoo, a sound which has followed us all around Denmark. We wake up to it, we sunbath to it, we go to sleep to it. It truly is relentless. We now understand why ‘Cuckoo’ also means mad or crazy.

Due to it’s ever present sound, we assumed the Cuckoo must be the national bird of Denmark. No, a quick google informs us it’s the Mute Swan, the irony!

Hannah sometimes wishes I was a mute swan.

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