7 Days

On Sunday we walked along the beach, which we soon noticed was popular with nudists. Since 1976 it is permissible to be nude at any beach in Denmark, so long as you respect other people. Until now, we had only witnessed the odd lone ranger. This beach, the whole club was out, but it’s never the site you want, is it?

Monday was big shop day, plus we needed more campingaz, which meant driving 30 miles back on ourselves. But at £25.39, it was cheaper than home, even with our poor exchange rate.

A walk through Skovsnogen Deep Forest Artland on Tuesday, resulted in Stanley nearly being washed away in a river.

Trying to take a little sip of water on a soft embankment, he accidently nose dived into the river, fully submerged for what felt like forever, he eventually resurfaced looking like an otter and had to be oiked out by the neck.

We think the shower and Pooch Onezee he had on after may have been more traumatic.

Crossing to the Island of Funen on Wednesday, we met Scouse Trev in Middelfart (better than a high or low fart, I suppose?). You know, that scouse you always meet, wherever you are in the world. The one that ‘minded’ your car at Anfield for a fiver, or the one that gave you a leaflet entitling you to a free drink in Cafe Benidorm.

Joking aside, Trev was a decent guy and informed us of a few sites we could possibly stay for the night. It was great to speak to another Brit again, as it was a few weeks since we met Les & Jane in their Defender. Good luck to Trev on his near identical trip to ours.

Thursday was another beach day at Fons Strand (Heyy), where we took advantage of warm outside showers. We later moved on to another beach area, popular with kite-surfers and fishermen.

Wash day Friday. All the bedding!

On Saturday morning we discussed who would park their 4×4 pick-up (which is a rare site in itself that we’ll discuss in a later post) right next to our van, when the whole area was available?

After coffee I made my regular trip to the WC (which at this site, stood there like Dr. Who’s Tardis a top a ramped walk way over-looking the bay), I said hello to the owner of said 4×4 at the picnic table eating brunch out of an old Snickers carton as I walked by.


Job done I made my way back to the van, passing Mr. 4×4 again, but this time realising he was completely billy bollock. Sat there with both lunch boxes on display, actual and proverbial!

Back in the van I served Hannah a look which said “you never guess what I’ve just seen?”, but she returned with a smirk which told me she’d already seen it, and chose not to tell me.

Danish Hygge again?

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