‘Ullo Johan! Gotta New Motor?

During our time in Denmark we’ve noticed a lot of older cars still on the road, we’re not talking classics, but 90s Astras, Peugeot 405s and Citroen Zsaras.

Anything remotely new is something small like a Yaris, Aygo, VW Up or Fiesta. We see families fall out of them with pushchairs and BBQ equipment, fishermen with all their tackle or groups of young lads with a few cans of lager by a fjord.

Are cars not so important or desirable here? Do they value other things such as actually been outdoors, rather than a Range Rover to take the kids to school?

Possibly, but a registration tax of 105% on the first €10,951 and 150% (recently reduced from 180%) thereafter on a new car, probably has more to do with it.

Originally introduced in 1910 to fund road maintenance and construction. It has increased over the years and now aims to reduce the number of cars in Denmark.

We can assume a tax at that level would certainly reduce new vehicle purchases, but it’s evidently keeping older, less economical cars on the road.

In addition to the registration tax, there’s also an annual green tax, which is based on how efficient the car is. This can range from €83 to €2,740 pa.

New car or old, you’re going to pay.

So does Johan have a new motor?

Probably not, but if he does, it will understandably be a tiny Peugeot 108. Which he’ll keep, forever.

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