Lost in the Supermarket

Feeling the ‘discount’ supermarkets were not providing all we required, risotto rice and falafel in particular, we headed to the ‘hypermarket’ Bilka in Odense.

The forecast was rain, so it made sense to do the shopping a day earlier than our usual routine. Being a Sunday was no problem, supermarkets still open all day here.

Bilka was indeed a hypermarket, much like Tesco or Asda at home. It sold electronics, sportswear, fishing equipment and most importantly risotto rice, falafel and cheap boxes of wine; approx £7 for 3 litres!

A nice little surprise to the trip was the international aisle, which featured a UK section, selling Yorkshire Tea, Branston Pickle and Fray Bentos pies; if only we had an oven.

After what felt like hours, we headed to our car park for the night across the road from Odense Zoo. We set a mushroom risotto in the pot, while the rain beat down for all of 10 minutes. Ending the night with the final episodes of OJ vs. the People.

The next morning we cycled into Odense, Denmark’s 3rd City, famous for being the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. It was a pleasant ride, passing right through the zoo, where we saw chimps, camels and lions.

Leaving the bikes near the Hans Christian Andersen Memorial Park, following the diversions through all the building works, we arrived in the well maintained old town, which features the Han Christian Andersen Museum and the house he was born in.

After a brief rest for lunch, we headed down the high street, past all the same shops we’d already seen in Aalborg and Aarhus, missing the house Hans Christian Andersen grew-up in. We found a couple more Irish Bars and a British pub, with stairlift, for the way out I think?

Deciding we’d seen enough, we cycled the same route back, which was probably the highlight of the day. But not before calling into the Cathedral, with Stanley and taking a photo of HCA himself.

A quick refreshment and we were on the road again, past Hans Christian Andersen Airport (did I mention he was born in Odense?), heading for Storebaelt Bridge, the bridge which takes you to the island of Zealand.

For some strange reason we chose to stay the night under the bridge. Perhaps, because it cost to cross the bridge, it seemed logical to defer an expense?

3 thoughts on “Lost in the Supermarket

  1. Les and Jane

    Cheep wine! Stock up before you get to Norway, the cheapest we’ve found is £10 a bottle. We had a Fray Bentos pie from our stock pile last night, it only had 3 pieces of chicken in it and we couldn’t find the bacon! Still it was food.


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