This is the End… in Denmark

After emptying and filling the required black, grey and fresh water tanks, we made the crossing over the Storebaelt Bridge to Zealand, at a cost of 240 Danish Krone (approx. £29).

It’s not ‘The Bridge’, the one which links Denmark to Sweden, but an impressive bridge all the same. At 18km long in total and a suspension span of 1.8km, it’s the 3rd longest in the world.

Feeling we’d spent long enough in Denmark, we drove through most of Zealand and headed straight to Fredericksborg Castle in Hillerod, north of Copenhagen.

Parking just outside the grounds, we spent the afternoon walking around the impressive gardens and generally relaxing in the 30+ heat. Probably the hottest day to date.

The next morning after seeing Llamas, Goats and Donkeys at a local petting zoo, we headed for Copenhagen before the weekend tourists.

After a minor incident of driving on the wrong side of the road, we were at our free car park by a marina in Copenhagen just after lunch. When pulling into the car park we spotted the French Mercedes camper we had previously seen in Aalborg and once more at some services on Funen, they’re clearly doing a similar route as us!

A 15 minute bike ride led us to Christiania, an autonomous anarchist district of Copenhagen. A former miltary site which the hippies moved into in 1971, it has been a source of controversy ever since. Mainly due to its open cannabis trade; it was our number one must see of Copenhagen.

In the sweltering heat we trudged the festival like car free streets of the ‘Freetown’, including the infamous Pusher Street. Here, outside the graffiti covered part derelict buildings, you are reminded not to take photos while Delboy style characters man their pop-up stalls, with holdalls opened just enough to reveal the finest ‘white widow’, ‘pineapple express’ and ‘purple haze’.

The enticing smell hangs in the air, taking you back to Glastonbury, Amsterdam or that flat a mate had back when you was in college. But, alas we had no local currency, although I’m sure they would have accepted Euros for a rate in their favor; thankfully we resisted.

With the sun sapping our energy, and the ‘salesmens’ bulldogs intimidating Stanley, we left Christiania for much needed food and drink back at the van. After tea we strolled in what you could call our garden, where Stanley attracted more attention from the local dogs, but this time it was a bitch spaniel cross trying a bit of role-reversal, while her two male owners laughed away in their speedos.

The next day we ventured further into Copenhagen. Cycling through Christiania, past a few bodies which looked to have been there all night, we headed to Den Lille Havfue (The Little Mermaid); just because you have to!

Pushing through the crowds of coach parties; the Japanese jumping out of the way of Stanley (I’m sure it was the same ones who petted him in Brussels), the Yanks asking their guide what else Hans Christian Andersen wrote for Disney and the Polish drinking cans of Tyskie (well it was 12:05pm), we finally got there for the photo to prove we have been to Copenhagen.

Cycling back through town to see a few more sites and walk along the water, we called it an early day, as tomorrow, after 32 nights we leave Denmark for Sweden.

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