Leaving Stockholm we headed slightly north towards Uppsala, stopping at Lidl on the way for our weekly big shop.

Finding a place for the evening beside a popular lake and man-made beach, we had supper as people left for the night before the expected rain.

After the Swedish beach volleyball national team finished practice, we used the court(?) to play badminton; until Stanley chewed the cock.

Rather than take their litter home, people simply left it by the overflowing bins or where they were sunbathing. Like wombles we did a little clean-up, but it was for slightly selfish reasons.

For each bottle or drinks can you buy, you also pay a recycling deposit (Pant), which you receive back at the recycling point in the supermarket. This is the same in many countries in Europe, and soon to be the UK.

We collected about 12 SEK worth of cans and bottles, add that to our own bottles and we had enough for a big bag of crisps!

The next day we visited Uppsala, particulary the Cathedral which is the Church of Sweden HQ and the botanical gardens.

Moving west, we finally paid a visit to Sytembolaget, AKA ‘The System’. The government controlled monopoly off-licence for alcohol over 3.5% abv.

Clinically merchandised like an airport duty-free store, we found what we wanted; the cheapest box of spanish wine available.

There’s no need to look for special offers, because that’s not what it’s about. No 3 for £10, no BOGOF or no promotional stack-end of a World Cup lager sponsor. Not one product is featured more than any other (unless the store manager is corrupt and accepts bribes from the supplier), and it’s only in recent years that stores became self-service. Previously it was like buying your weekend booze from Argos.

With 3x 3 litre boxes of wine for approx. £14 each, we moved on to cash in our pants for some crisps at Willy’s!

We also topped up diesel at £1.36 litre, the most we’ve paid yet and it annoyingly stopped at 3/4 of a tank. Rather the pump ran out or there was a limit?

In the cold evening we found our spot for the night, a picnic area by a lake with 4 white sharks already settled with their satelite dishes locked in. I think we upset the dutch parking in front of them.

The next morning, all the other motorhomes had left by the time we woke up. It was a shower day for us, so it was well into the afternoon before we hit the road.

Arriving at the car park of our next destination, Orebro, one of the motorhomers already there shook his head at us, as if to say “don’t park in this spot”. We took a moment to decide where we wanted to park, while he adjusted his position to give himself more ‘sunbathing’ space. We then realised it was the same dutch couple we parked in front of the previous night.

We had a cycle around Orebro, a university town, with a Castle in the middle of the river.

On our way back we passed through Wadkoping, a village attraction using some of the original old buildings from the town.

While I was putting the bikes away, the dutch guy commented that he saw us the previous night, we then discussed our travel plans before he left to ‘observe’ the beach volleyball match.

After supper we strolled around the river and used the urban gym, which seem popular over here. Picking up a few midge/mosquito bites in the process!

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