Ticked Off

Starting the day with a quick stroll and use of the urban gym, we headed to ‘Art on a Hill’. A sculpture park set on top of an old ash heap, which still emits heat (and smell) today.

The first installation is a staircase or ‘Trappan’, consisting of 427 steps to the top of the hill.

With burning thighs we viewed the intriguing and sometimes odd sculptures, all the while thinking we were being poisoned from the fumes.

Choosing the road rather than the stairs down, we reached the van and set off to Karlskoga.

After driving through the worst rain we’ve had on the whole trip, we were denied a spot at the free motorhome place. As it offered toilets, showers, drinking water, tank emptying facilities and wifi; it was obviously going to be busy.

Instead, we found a nearby car park and spent the evening watching ‘Charite’, German equivalent of ‘Call the Midwife’!

Wanting to make use of the free facilities, particularly the showers, we headed back the next day to try again. After a short wait, a space eventually became free.

As we suspected, the dutch guy from the last few days was already there; directly in front of use with a lake side spot. Typical!

Enjoying a luxury shower each and a good clean out of the van, we decided to spend the rest of the day and night here. Just relaxing and watching the white shark motorhomes circling for a spot.

The next day we headed to Mariestad, on the shore of lake Vanern; the biggest lake in the EU.

Parked near a golf course, we walked the recommended 5km through the forest, where Stanley enjoyed some off-lead freedom.

With some fresh mosquito/midge bites, we shared a lager on the swing at the beach and had supper in the bug free van. Until we found some ticks on Stanley.

Luckily we brought a tick removal device, so turning the dining table into a vets table we set about extracting the few we found, a first for all of us.

The morning after we checked Stanley again and found another tick. Thinking we needed more ‘protection/prevention’, we set-off to a pet store. Thankfully, there was one not too far away.

After some kind help from the assistant we purchased a flea & tick collar, some tablets and a large bag of food as the food we brought was running low. £90!

After sticking four tablets down his throat and attaching the collar, we set-off to Hjo by lake Vattern for a walk.

Later in the day we drove to Tun and spent Saturday night in a church car park again, making plans for Norway, which involved a necessary visit to the vets for Stanley; more expense!

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