Money Money Money

Through rain we drove to Trollhattan, knowing there’s a vet there for Stanley’s tapeworm vaccinations; a requirement to enter Norway.

We found our spot near the Gota Canal and Trollhattan Church.

Stretching our legs with a walk to the Saab Museum, and then towards the waterfall, which wasn’t falling as the dam gates were closed.

The next day we walked to the vets, which was also a (human) pharmacy in the middle of town. Worried about ticks, we picked up some stronger flea & tick tablets, as well as the necessary tapeworm treatment. After a 20 minute wait with people collecting their prescriptions, we paid £74.80 and were good to enter Norway in the next 1 to 5 days.

Before moving on, we walked the marked 45 minute hike around the waterfall area. Coming to the end, we heard some speaking over a microphone and people gathering on the bridge, facing the waterfall. It became apparent we were there just in time for the opening of the falls. A pleasant experience after what has been a few poor days.

Through more rain we drove on to Hunnebostrand for the night. A pleasant village on the west coast with fantastic scenery, we hoped this would be a taster of Norway.

With the wind battering the van we watched England (just) beat Tunisia. A typical England performance, but we’ll take the win!

In the morning we walked around the coast and viewed yet more sculptures on exhibition, thankfully the rain had stopped but the wind was still there.

As Norway is notoriously expensive, we set-off to do a BIG shop, which along with the dry food we brought, would hopefully last us the duration.

First stop was Systembolaget to fill our wine cellar, 6x 3 litre boxes of Spanish white for £84.24. Then we spent at least 2 hours in Maxi ICA supermarket, where we actually spent 10p less than we did on wine. That either proves we brought plenty of food, or we prioritise wine over food!

Just to ensure we were in the 1-5 day period of Stanley’s tapeworm treatment, we stayed in Sweden one more night before crossing into Norway.

The next day we topped up with diesel, as that too is expensive in Norway, which meant we spent £368.30 in 3 days on food, fuel and dog vaccinations.

First stop Oslo.

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