We arrived in Helsinki as France were beating Croatia, by the score line it seemed to be a thrilling final, but for us the World Cup was a distant memory only to be discussed again in four years time.

Thanks to reading the blog of Julie & Jason Buckley (, our location was a car park right by Hietaniemi beach (here) which was once an old landfill site and then a sand store, before locals started using it as a recreational area. Now the young and beautiful top up their tans and tone their bodies at the outside gym, when the few months of summer allow!

We had a short stroll around the local area before making plans for our visit to Helsinki the next day. Our primary objective was to book ferry tickets to Tallinn at the Viking Line office, it could be done online but we felt it was a good excuse to get to the other side of town. Other plans included general sight-seeing, major buildings, anything which is free etc.

Waking-up to extreme heat, loud bangs from something somewhere and a helicopter circling above, we found out Helsinki also had some other distinguished visitors. Trump and Putin!

We cycled around the harbours until we reached the blockade just by the Old Market Hall. From here everything had to be on foot, which in 30c heat was very slow going with a dog through protesting crowds.

Before getting our tickets we passed Senate Square and the Cathedral:

Thanks to Stanley we spoke to a local (whom supported Leeds United!) in the designated dog park near the Finnish Orthodox Cathedral:

After sharing a McDonald’s milkshake (our first drink out of the whole trip!), we visited the fabulous central railway station which no photo of ours could do the exterior or interior any justice:

We both shared a silent moment at the Kamppi Chapel, which some tourists clearly didn’t understand the meaning of it:

As well as the rock church (no picture), we also visited the Sibelius Monument with the same noisy tourists from Kamppi Chapel:

As well as the above we enjoyed many of the other art-deco buildings, but the heat was too much for of us so we probably didn’t see Helsinki in its entirety, and we didn’t even see Trump or Putin!

Next stop Tallinn via the party ferry.

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