Spa-ing Partners

After leaving Tallinn we spent almost a week at two different ‘RMK‘ locations, these are state managed forest areas all over the country, which at some you can camp.

The ones we stayed at were right by dog friendly beaches and also featured dry toilets and firepits; with wood also provided. Since the sun was shining and we had all the required provisions, we didn’t feel the need to move on so frequently.

Stanley enjoying one of the beaches
The van before the locals arrived!

However, there are drawbacks to these places – other people!

At the weekend a large group of lads also camped in the area, drinking, playing rubbish music until 3am and setting off fireworks. Of course we didn’t mind the drinking, but the music was the horrible euro pop they seem to like over here and the fireworks! – that was just stupid considering the forest fires in Greece and other places.

But, we are tourists enjoying the free facilities they provide and they have the right to enjoy their weekend. What’s one night in our 6 month trip?

With forest fires in mind, we moved on to Haapsalu, a charming seaside resort famous for its healing spas once frequented by the Romanov family. Other points of interest include the old castle, the old train station and the old town hall.

Haapsalu Old Station (now a museum)
Haapsalu Old Town Hall
Haapsalu Castle

The Estonian tourist website advised we could shower at Fra Mare Thalasso Spa. We could, for €4 each but for €10.50 each (reduced rates on weekdays) we could visit the day spa.

Decision made, we quickly packed our swimsuits (I made sure being naked wasn’t compulsory!) and made our way in.

We enjoyed a pre-shower, the jacuzzi, a dip in the seawater pool, the low temperature Finnish sauna before covering ourselves in seasalt like a Jamie Oliver jacket potato and cooking in the salt sauna.

Via the Kneipp Therapy walkway, we moved to the steam sauna, the mid and high temperature Finnish saunas before dipping in the outdoor pool to cool off.

We pretty much repeated this process until our 3 hours were up.

Feeling completely relaxed and the cleanest we have been for months, it was just a shame Stanley and the van didn’t receive a thorough wash too; we spent another night in Haapsalu plotting a City & Spa break between Tallinn and Haapsalu.

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