Leaving Latvia we expected much of the same in Lithuania – bumpy roads and quiet dog friendly beaches, but we found the small stretch of coastline Lithuania has; is mostly holiday resorts, full ones at that.

After driving through road works on the outskirts of the resorts and then through crowds of holiday makers, either on foot or hired motorised scooters; we decided to move on to Klaipeda, a large port town, to buy some groceries.

Choosing one of the many ‘Maxima XXX’ supermarkets in Klaipeda (Maxima is a Lithuanian company and the largest employer in the Baltics), we expected lots of choice and good prices; we were not completely disappointed. We purchased 24 cans of ‘Germania’ lager at €0.59 per can and 10 more packs of our €0.99 ‘Cripsy Chips’ tortilla wraps, but we still didn’t find elusive orange cordial or crispy onions.

We found our park4night close to Kaliningrad (Russia) besides shallow waters to the Curonian Spit, but as we’re both wusses, neither of us paddled out.

Sunset over Corunian Spit

Sharing the spot with a VW California and converted Mercedes 4×4, we had a bit of campervan envy like that with DreamCatcher in Denmark. As much as our van is doing a very good job; we would both like to build our own. Maybe one day?

Since arriving in Tallinn our route has been easy; we just follow the coastline. But now that has run out; we needed to go in land, which can make finding places to stay more difficult.

The only places of interest we ear-marked to see in Lithuania were the Hill of Crosses and Vilnius the capital – so that became our route.

I don’t really need to describe the Hill of Crosses, the name says it all. As one of the most popular tourist spots in Lithuania; we expected it to be busy, but thankfully we arrived in the evening when it was quiet and managed to spend the night in the free car park – under the watchful eye of the security storks!

Just a small selection of crosses!
Stork Security!

Not wanting to rush our way to Vilnius, we spent a night in the pretty spa town of Birstonas, but unfortunately none of the spas met our budget, so a walk around town had to suffice.

Stanley’s friend in Birstonas

The weather forecast for the next day was thunderstorms all day, not disappointed as this was the first time in weeks or even months; we planned a movie day in the van.

Finding a spot near an abandoned Soviet sports complex, we settled down with our cheap lager, snacks and netflix until loud music was heard from the old complex and streams of black German estate cars dropped off teenage girls.

Thinking things could get lairy, especially when the ‘gathering’ ends; we found another spot a short distance away and enjoyed a trouble free night.

In the morning we moved to a car park in the centre of Vilnius, for €6 we had secure 24 hour parking.

After a spot of lunch in the van we walked around Vilnius; following the recommended route on the tourist map, to ensure all the major sights were seen.

View of Vilnius Old Town
Stanley wishing for more gravy bones on the Miracle Stone

Before setting off for Poland the next day, we spoke to a German couple using their parental leave for a year-long trip; with baby in just a high-top T5! I’m sure a baby is hard enough work, but in such a small space? Good luck to them.

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