Entering Austria from the old eastern bloc was, for lack of a better word; refreshing. We were only a street away from Slovakia, in a small village also close to the Hungarian border, but things were completely different; everything was clean – incredibly clean, there were no billboards and everyone was very friendly.

An interesting cycle route

We spent two nights in Deutsch Jahrndorf, at a stellplatz provided by the village. For a donation at your own discretion, you have a lawned pitch, toilet emptying facilities and fresh water. We found it a great place to relax in the sun and refresh before visiting Vienna.

With the exception of Vienna, you can pretty much spend the night anywhere in your camper in Austria. For that reason, we didn’t spend the night in Vienna, we just parked during the day and left to a stellplatz 20 mins away for the night.

Vienna was everything we thought it would be: grand buildings, the home of classical music, fine art museums and quiet expensive. We spent two afternoons wandering around the city but especially enjoyed our long, tree lined cycle ride in down Hauptalle and past the Republic of Kugelmugel.

We proudly stuck to our budget and were free sightseers only treating ourselves to a shared Viener Schnitzel.

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